About CNT

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Who We Are

The market place is perhaps the most powerful and effective tool for transformation. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work. If that environment is God-honoring then the opportunity exists to demonstrate the love of Christ to transform a life, a community, and ultimately the world; it is real and perhaps the most effective tool for evangelization ever known.

Christian Network Team (CNT) exists to enhance the spiritual and professional development of today’s business leaders by facilitating an environment where practical business applications are combined with solid biblical values.

While each business has its own unique goal or place in the market. CNT helps Christian business leaders realize that their conflicts and concerns are not so unique. They come to realize that they are not alone at the top, and that there are others who are familiar with their situations. Business leaders need opportunities to meet with CEO/Executive peers who have experienced or will experience common needs and problems. Networking creates a bonding and fellowship in which iron truly sharpens iron.

How does CNT work? Regular monthly team network meetings encourage small group interaction and provide opportunities to ask the hard questions and learn from real world experiences. Each team member also has the opportunity to participate in seminars on pertinent biblical, management and leadership issues.

Team members also hold each other accountable in their business leadership as well as in their private lives. It is through the confidential accountability of one another that tough questions can be asked and answered, and that real problems can be solved. This allows each member to expand in his faith as well as in his relationships that are founded in faith.